Aeration and Seeding

Aeration / Seeding

Aeration is a process in which plugs of soil are mechanically removed from your lawn. This process is normally done in the fall. Aeration is crucial to keep your lawn from being over compacted. Compacted soil restricts your lawn from allow your roots to grow deep. It also allows oxygen, sunlight, water and nutrients to penetrate deep making your lawn healthier and thicker. 

Over-seeding paired with Aeration in the Fall will increase the effect of both. Over-seeding is when grass seed is spread over the entire yard making your yard denser and fuller. While taking care of filling in any bare spots that might have develop. Picking the right type of grass seed is very important. A Prime Lawn Technician will pick the appropriate grass seed needed depending on your lawns sun exposure, traffic, and region.

Pair Prime Lawn’s Aeration/ Seeding package with our Weekly Mowing Program and Monthly Fertilization Program to have your lawn under complete care of Prime Lawn Company. 

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