Mulch and Rock

Mulch / Rock

Mulch is a vital part of your home’s landscape beds. Great quality mulch install properly not only makes those beds really stand out. It’s also vital to the plants in those beds to stay healthy. Mulch helps retain water for your plants and helps keep weeds from growing also.

Prime Lawn will install new mulch and also replenish the mulch in your beds. We recommend replenishing your mulch every year so your beds always look their best and your plants will always benefit. We will install properly and clean up after. Taking care of all the work so your home’s curb appeal and backyard will look its best.

Rock is a great alternative for your beds. Rock in your landscape beds provide a lot of the same benefits as mulch. Rock beds are a low maintenance and durable option that still provides great contrast and a different contrast.

Prime Lawn will take care of mulch and rock installation for you. We also offer weeding, plant and hedge trimming to completely take care of all of your existing beds. 

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