Weekly mowing is a task that is needed to make sure that your lawn stays healthy and your home stays looking its best. Let Prime Lawn Company take this off your to do list. You spend lots of time and money with fertilization, aerating, seeding, and watering your lawn. Without a proper mowing routine you will not get the Best out of your lawn.Let us take care of that. We provide reliable, timely, and quality mowing services to Johnson County KS and surrounding areas.  

We will maintain your lawn at the proper height during the changes of the seasons. Maintaining your lawn properly will save you money on watering in the summer, keep bugs and insects out in the spring, and keeping your lawn growing and healthy in the fall.

With our Prime Lawn mowing we will string trim around trees, landscape beds, fences, gardens, or any other obstacles in your yard. We will use the Best techniques and best equipment to mow your lawn. We will edge your driveway, curbs and sidewalks. Then finally we will blow all debris and grass off of your paved surfaces. Leaving you and your family to just enjoy your beautiful lawn and home. All while saving you time and energy of not having to do it!
Prime Lawn also offers Fertilization Packages, Aeration/Seeding, Mulch/Rock installation, Leaf Clean up, Bush and Shrub trimming, and many more services to help you save time and energy and make your lawn and yard live up to it’s full potential! 

We can customize our Lawn program to fit your needs and budget. 

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